How do I Search Orkut? How do I Search Orkut?

Orkut Search.

Orkut is a social networking website that is owned and operated by Google. The service is designed to help users meet new friends and maintain existing relationships.

How to Search for people on Orkut?

  • To search for people on, just click on the "Search" link in the blue bar at the top of the page
  • You can search for information on orkut profiles by typing the information you're looking for into the search box.
  • You can narrow your search even further by clicking on any of the criteria on the left side of the page, such as gender, age, location, and interest.

Orkut Search - Features

An Orkut user can also add videos to their profile from either YouTube or Google Video with the additional option of creating either restricted or unrestricted polls for polling a community of users. There is an option to integrate GTalk (An instant messenger from Google) with Orkut enabling chatting and file sharing. Currently GTalk has been integrated in Orkut - users can directly chat from their Orkut page.

A new feature in Orkut is Changing Themes. Users can change their interface from a wide range of colorful themes in library. Themes are currently only available in India, Brazil and Pakistan.

Search Orkut

Orkut From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This website discusses Orkuts history, orkut search redesigns and orkut features.

Orkut - Finer Control of Groups of Friends
- Since we launched Orkut Groups of Friends, you’ve likely been using the groups management page to quickly rename, remove and create your groups. So, we’d like to let you know about two improvements we just added to that page.

About The New Orkut: About the new orkut - The orkut team has been working hard on building a new, fast and exciting experience. We've added lots of features and updated othersand we hope that existing and new users alike will enjoy this next generation of orkut.

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